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Pay per minute for only what you watch

Pay per minute for only what you watch

4K Live Streaming
of your favorite
Celebrities &

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Real-Time Chat with Streamers and Other Viewers

Speak from your heart to celebrities & creators, right here, right now!

Behind The Scenes

See What You've
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See your favorite celebrities from a new light;
glimpses and angles you've never seen before.
Opening up about hidden secrets and news
you can't hear anywhere else.

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From the Comfort of Your Home

Catch concerts and live events, all from the comfort of your home. No need to be stuck to your iPhone or iPad either, it's AirPlay ready for your TV or Apple TV. Enjoy live events on the big screen, larger than life

Watch concerts, sports, comedy, arts, workouts, personal training, yoga, and much more! Anything is possible with Glitz!

Listen to the sounds of laughter, joy, beautiful tones & notes - in the most crisp sound quality the world has to offer.

3 minutes free every day. Pay per minute after. Get 10 minutes free for every user you recommend! Bored? New stream.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Julia Morgan
Marketing Manager

As a long time marketer, I’ve always seeked ways to boost the income of my clients. Glitz has been a great way to bring them some extra money and show the people what they want to see!

Hanna Caliba

I love setting up a stream on Glitz and seeing all my best fans show up and support! It’s fun to spend time with them in a safe space.

Jems Logan
TikTok Influencer

Glitz has really helped tap in to my core fanbase and provide them what they want - pure comedy! I can really be me cause I know they’re my tightest fans!

Sound like fun? We launch in March

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